Divorce Law

As a Leading Law firm in Bangalore we also provide Family law services. We have a team of specialized Team of Divorce lawyers, We advise and provide legal services in matters relating to Marriage and registration, Matters relating to Guardians and wards Act, Matters relating to Hindu adoption and maintenance Act., Matters relating to Special marriage Act,1954, Succession Act,1925, Hindu marriage Act, 1955, Dowry prohibition Act,1961 and The Indian Divorce Act,1869 with our Expertise and Extensive Knowledge as per the Indian Legal System.

A divorce is the ending of a marital relationship through legal process, demanding a petition for divorce by one gathering. Only state judicial system contain legal system over divorcements, therefore the petitioning or disagreeing individual could just file in the State where he/she is and has actually been a citizen or where the marriage was celebrated. The complications of problems included such as property dividing and taxations may make it a good idea for both individuals to have professional legal and financial assistance. We are leading in top Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore.

Some of the Frequently asked Question for our Divorce Lawyers are

Under Hindu Law after marriage what is the period of time required to apply for divorce?

Under Hindu Marriage Act no petition for divorce can be submitted in less than one year of the marriage. However if the appellants claim is of remarkable trouble High Court is allowed to give leave to submit the case before the completion of one year.

How much time does it take to finalize a divorce claim?

In case of divorce by approval from both the parties, order of divorce could be acquired any time between six months to eighteen months. This duration may be further decreased relying on the demands of the circumstance. In contested divorce claims, divorce is usually acquired after 18 to 30 months and sometimes may be longer than that. Nevertheless, time component depends upon number of aspects like how strongly claim is being addressed, issue of maintenance, etc.

In India is it necessary that both the parties have to attend the court hearing for divorce?

If divorce is by shared consent then both of them are required to attend the hearing. However based on the area of filing, it is likely to prevent the presence of at the least one partner.

How many times should I visit the court hearing if I applied for divorce?

Minimum of 2 times is necessary. But depending on the location of filing, it can be cut back to one time.For the maintenance of wife and child what is the amount to be given during the course of divorce It relies on the details and situations of the case. After How much time a divorced person get, married again .The duration of claim as delivered under Hindu Marriage Act is 30 days from the day of the judgment.

Exactly what are the papers demanded for the application of mutual consent divorce?

Papers include Address evidence of husband, Address proof of Wife, Marriage Certificate and Four passport photographs of marriage of both partners.